(ages 9 – 11)

Cambridge Exam Preparation Program for A2 Flyers certification based on the European framework. Suitable for children, from 9-11 years old, have passed MOVERS with a score of 10 – 15 shields.

A2 FLYERS Exam Preparation | For children 9-11 years old | WS ENGLISH

What is the A2 FLYERS exam preparation program?

Cambridge Exam Preparation Program for A2 FLYERS certification is an English test for children ages 9-11. This high-quality exam used to check children’s English skills in 3 different parts, Listening, Speaking, Reading & Writing. Scores calculated according to shields. The maximum point is 15 shields. In order to pass the FLYERS certification, the child must have achieved at least 10/15 shields in total.

Conditions for joining the FLYERS class?

To participate in the FLYERS class, children need to pass MOVERS first. FLYERS is an advanced exam preparation course for children aged 9-11. Therefore, they must be quite good at English before participating in exam preparation.

What will the children learn?

All skills include Listening, Speaking, Reading, Writing, Pronunciation, and Grammar.

WS’s simple and fun way of learning will surely help children communicate in English confidently, easily and proactively.

In addition, WS usually organizes FREE FLYERS simulated exams to help children constantly gain experience and feel more confident when taking the real exam.

What is the FLYERS passing rate at WS?

Until now, the FLYERS passing rate of children at WS ENGLISH is 100%. Many of them achieved a maximum score of 15/15 shields.

How many lessons a week?

There are 4 speed groups:

– Regular (week / 3 lessons / 2 hours)

– Fast 2x (week / 4 lessons / 2 hours)

– SUPERFAST 3x-5x (week / 5 lessons / 2 hours)

– FLASH 5x-8x (week / 6 lessons / 2 hours)

Study schedule?

Monday to Friday: 6:00 PM – 8:00 PM

Saturday and Sunday: 9:00 AM – 11:00 AM or 4:00 PM – 6:00 PM or 6:00 PM – 8:00 PM.

The school day will be consulted specifically after the placement test.

Pay monthly or by course?

Tuition is paid in installments (10 weeks), or 2 courses (20 weeks), or 1 year (50 weeks).

Special Offers:

– DISCOUNT 200,000 VND for paying 2 courses (20 weeks)

– DISCOUNT 10% when paying 1 year or 5 courses (50 weeks) and tuition is kept fixed.

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For all courses

Tuition paid in the form of 1 course (10 weeks)

There are 4 speed groups

Tuition paid in the form of 2 courses (20 weeks)

Instant discount of 300,000 VND on tuition fee

There are 4 speed groups

Tuition paid in the form of 1 year (50 weeks)

Instant discount of 10% on tuition fee

There are 4 speed groups

Offers & Bonuses

For all courses

Offers & Bonuses - number one | WS ENGLISH

Entry-level test & Consultancy

FREE entry-level test & Consultancy (worth 200,000 VND)

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Books & Audios

Book-order support. FREE audios (valued VND 30,000 – VND 50,000 / book)

Offers & Bonuses - number three | WS ENGLISH

Supplemental class

ALLOWED to attend other classes if missing any (each lesson is worth VND 100,000). For more details, Contact WS

Offers & Bonuses - number four | WS ENGLISH

School exam preparation

FREE support for school exam preparation in English

Offers & Bonuses - number five | WS ENGLISH

VND 250,000 coupon

GET a coupon of VND 250,000 when introducing one new student. Applied for the next course

Offers & Bonuses - number six | WS ENGLISH

VND 150,000 coupon

The referred student also gets a VND 150,000 coupon. Applied for the second course

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Sample exams

Get FREE practice exams for Pre A1 STARTERS, A1 MOVERS, A2 FLYERS, A2 KEY (KET), TOEIC, IELTS (worth at least VND 200,000 / exam)

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Study Online on Advanedu

Get FREE Online English courses on Advanedu (each course is worth from VND 100,000 – more than VND 500,000)

Offers & Bonuses - number nine | WS ENGLISH

No additional fees

Parents / students DO NOT HAVE to incur any additional fees except tuition


The following questions & answers will help you

Is it bad for children to learn English too early and too much? Do the kids forget Vietnamese?

Giving your children access to English from an early age is completely harmless. It even brings many benefits to them. When your children are exposed to foreign languages early, they will develop better pronunciation, learn more easily, and speak more accurately than those exposed late.

Learning English is like learning Vietnamese. The more time a child spends with English, the faster he or she can speak fluently. In particular, according to research, the more foreign languages children learn, the smarter, braver, and more confident they will be in communication. In the world, lots of children have access to several languages early. Therefore, they can speak many different languages fluently.

Does the Regular Class guarantee good progress?

All classes at WS ensure the best quality for children. The main difference between the mentioned classes is only in the speed of the kids’ progress.

For example, when a parent chooses the SUPERFAST 3x-5x or FLASH 5x-8x class, their children’s progress will be remarkable because they are more exposed to English and use it more often. As for the Regular class, it is enough to ensure the kid is making good progress.

How long does it take a child to get the FLYERS certificate?

Whether the child is going to take the test quickly or slowly depends on what rate of learning parents choose to give him or her. If your child follows a Regular class, it will take approximately 1 – 1.5 years to practice FLYERS tests and get a certificate.

If parents choose to give the children SUPERFAST 3x-5x or FLASH 5x-8x classes, this time will be shortened many times due to their extremely fast progress. Many children not only passed FLYERS with a maximum point of 15/15 shields but also passed a higher level than FLYERS, A2 KEY (KET), with a score surpassing KET, equivalent to B1 Preliminary (PET), and qualified for the IELTS Foundation class, within one year from the time they start the FLYERS exam preparation program.

After passing FLYERS, what will your child learn next?

After passing FLYERS, the children will be raised to a higher and harder level. That’s A2 KEY (KET), the exam preparation program for children aged 10-12.

Asking children to learn too much at their young age, is it a waste if they can not absorb them all?

This misconception is what we often get. In fact, children have the ability to acquire and learn new things the fastest and most effective way. As we get older, this ability decreases, not increases.

So it can be said that early investment is the most important and most essential investment for the kid’s development. Of course, that is the case if we invest properly, choose the right place with high quality for children, not just pour money into it. Sometimes parents want to invest in their children, but choose the wrong center or a poor school. That makes learning English be like torture and full of pressure instead of being fun and exciting as it is supposed to be. Besides, the cost of petrol, effort, shuttle time, tuition, most importantly, time lost for nothing.

For the great future, success, and happiness of our children, we encourage parents to carefully consider the choice of school or center so that they can develop comprehensively and become talented, useful people for the society. WS ENGLISH is one of the smartest choices parents can bring to their children right now.

Is it possible to register a 2 lessons / week course for my child?

Currently, WS ENGLISH does not offer any course for 1-2 lessons / week. The reason is parents / students always want to see the fastest progress. Taking too few lessons a week would be hard to achieve this result. Therefore, WS classes have a minimum of 3 lessons / week with special programs designed to meet the requirements of quality and progress of the kid. Also, WS still encourages parents to let their children learn more than three lessons per week so that they will improve extremely fast and parents will be more satisfied with the results.

In addition, to achieve the standard of English proficiency or to attend intensive English classes in elementary schools, children need to achieve the STARTERS certificate by the end of grade 2, the MOVERS certificate by the end of grade 4, and the FLYERS certificate by the end of the fifth grade. So learning too little will be difficult to lead to the desired results.

Of course, degrees are not so important because it is only to show parents the progress of the kid. However, reaching the Flyers level by the end of the 5th grade is highly recommended. Otherwise, the child will have a lot of difficulties with English when starting to enter secondary school. We hope parents will consider and make the smartest choices for the children.

Why so many centers pledge that the children will pass the FLYERS certificate within 2-3 months and only study twice a week while WS does not make such a commitment?

There are many reasons. One of the biggest reasons is that these centers will not do as they promised. The purpose of their advertisement is to engage parents / students. The second reason is that they can somehow prepare the children for the test to be quite similar to the real one. Of course, children will easily pass the exam without spending much time and learning effort. This also means that students can achieve the desired certificate, but the quality and qualifications are not real. The third reason is that the children are in the wrong class. It means that the children’s ability has passed FLYERS but these centers still put them in the FLYERS exam preparation class. So it only takes them a short time to pass.

At WS, children learn real English. WS only regards STARTERS, MOVERS, FLYERS, A2 KEY (KET), etc. as a temporary measurement to help parents have a better view of their child’s progress. WS focuses on teaching children English skills to help them communicate fluently, confidently, and naturally like native speakers. Once being good at English, passing those qualifications becomes obvious and too easy for students at WS.

What is the difference between the Regular, Fast 2x, SUPERFAST 3x-5x, and FLASH 5x-8x classes?

The biggest difference lies in the kid’s rate of progress. All classes at WS ensure the best quality for children, only differ at the pace of progress. The Fast 2x class will be 2 times faster than the Regular one. The SUPERFAST 3x-5x class is 3-5 times faster than the Regular one. Finally, The FLASH 5x-8x classes help children progress 5-8 times faster than the Regular ones.

Why is there such a big difference? It is just like cycling. Initially, it will be heavy and slow to start, but once the wheel has rotated evenly and smoothly, cycling becomes very easy, does not take much effort, and still reaches high speed. On the other hand, if the bicycle is turning midway but has to stop, then the cyclist must take a lot of effort to redo the heavy start-up operation as before, then slowly accelerate. It just takes time, a lot of work, but the speed is really slow.

Therefore, WS always encourages parents to let their children learn more lessons per week, so that they have more time with English. When your child is learning 5-6 lessons/week, it is like a bicycle that is continually pedaled inertia. Therefore, your child does not need much effort, “pedal” very gently but the pace of progress is extremely fast. If learning too little, it is like cycling halfway to stop. Then it takes a lot of effort to restart and try hard to reach the previous speed. That is why when children join the SUPERFAST 3x-5x or FLASH 5x-8x classes, they can pass all 3 certificates of FLYERS, A2 KEY (KET), and B1 Preliminary (PET) within 1 year, while students in the Regular class need about 5 years to do so.

In addition, when children join the SUPERFAST 3x-5x or FLASH 5x-8x classes, they will be offered FREE online English courses on Advanedu.com, allowing them to study at home, and improve their self-awareness. At the same time, children can feel free to attend extra classes if missing any one before without having to worry about the expiration of these classes as in “Regular” or “Fast 2x” classes.

Besides tuition, are there other incurred costs such as management fees, facilities, or not?

ABSOLUTELY NOT. WS is always clear and transparent so parents / students do not need to worry about incurred costs. WS does NOT collect anything other than tuition.

Not only that, parents/students at WS also receive the following offers and bonuses: audios, supplemental lessons, school exam preparation in English, participation in sample tests simulated the real exams, and offered some online English courses on Advanedu that help children learn at home by themselves. ALL COMPLETELY FREE. See details at OFFERS & BONUSES.

What do children need to prepare for class?

Parents just need to prepare notebooks, pens, crayons, and erasers for the children. If your child already has a book, bring it with them. If not, parents can buy at the nearest bookstore or ask WS for help. We will order the original books at the prestigious Xuan Thu – Fahasa bookstore. The price is as listed on the books. WS does not charge the order fee.

If children miss school, can they take supplemental lessons after that?

ABSOLUTELY YES. The number of lessons your child misses fully compensated. The condition for supplemental lessons is that when a child misses school, parents need to inform WS by phone, message, or email.

In addition, for children attending the Regular or Fast 2x classes, parents should let them take on supplemental lessons right in the course. If the child can not do that before the end of the course, those supplemental lessons considered lost.

Particularly for children following the SUPERFAST 3x-5x or FLASH 5x-8x classes, they can take on the supplemental lessons at any time without any restriction as for the Regular and Fast 2x classes.

Does WS have any discount programs?

WS has a lot of discount programs. For example, when parents / students pay tuition in the form of 2 courses (20 weeks), they will receive an immediate discount of 200,000 VND – 500,000 VND, or 1 year (50 weeks), they will receive a 10% discount. In particular, when paying in the form of 1 year (50 weeks), the tuition will be kept fixed, never changed. Contact WS for more details.

In addition, when parents / students introduce a new student to WS, they will be given a discount card worth VND 250,000 for the next course. And for newly introduced students, they will also receive a discount card worth 150,000 VND when paying for their second course. Contact WS for more details.