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Working time

Monday – Friday: 1:30 PM – 9:30 PM
Saturday – Sunday: 9:00 AM – 9:30 PM


Parents / students can choose their favorite courses. Then view the tuition fees for each course.

Admission procedures

To register for admission, parents/students can fill out the “Registration form”, chat, call, or directly visit the WEALTH SUCCESS headquarters.

1. Can I register for more than 2 classes/week?


In fact, many parents/students have registered for 2-3 English classes at WEALTH SUCCESS at the same time, equivalent to 4-6 sessions/week. This creates conditions for students to be immersed in a continuous English environment, helping them to make rapid progress.

WEALTH SUCCESS has many diverse and harmonious English programs that help students develop comprehensively all skills of Listening, Speaking, Reading, Writing, Pronunciation, and Grammar.

Hurry up and register now.

2. Besides tuition, are there other incurred costs?


WEALTH SUCCESS is always clear and transparent so parents / students do not need to worry about incurring costs. WEALTH SUCCESS does NOT charge anything other than tuition and books.

Not only that, parents / students at WEALTH SUCCESS also receive the following incentives and gifts: audios (Listening practice) in the book, English exam preparation in school, participation in mock exams simulating real exams, and get Priority discounts when buying online English courses on Advanedu.com.

3. If children miss school, can they take supplemental lessons after that?

Currently, WEALTH SUCCESS does NOT organize make-up lessons when students do not go to school. The reason is to ensure the best quality of instruction for all students, helping students to make rapid progress.

4. Can parents meet teachers and discuss their children's education?

Absolutely Yes. Parents can contact WEALTH SUCCESS to schedule an appointment with the teacher and discuss the learning situation of their children.

In addition, about every 2 weeks before the end of the course, WEALTH SUCCESS will actively contact parents to meet with teachers and directly discuss the learning situation of their children.

WEALTH SUCCESS always wants to create a connection between the school and parents to help students make the best progress and development.

5. Does WEALTH SUCCESS have a special discount program?

WEALTH SUCCESS has many promotions and discounts. For example, when parents/students pay tuition in the form of 1 year (50 weeks), they will receive a 15% discount.

In addition, when a parent/student introduces a new student to WEALTH SUCCESS, the parent/student will be given a discount card worth 500.000 VND for the next course. For newly introduced students, they will also receive a discount card worth 150.000 VND when paying for the second course. Contact WEALTH SUCCESS for details.

Enrollment Application

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