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Parents / students can choose their favorite courses. Then view the tuition fees for each course.

Admission procedures

To apply for admission, parents / students can fill out the “Enrollment Application” form, chat, call or go directly to WS English headquarters.

1. Should I choose the Regular class, Fast 2x, SUPERFAST 3x-5x, or FLASH 5x-8x?

The biggest difference among these classes is in the speed of student progress.

For example, the Regular class (3 lessons / week) can completely help students make great progress quickly.

However, the SUPERFAST 3x-5x classes (5 lessons / week) will help students to progress 3-5 times faster than the Regular ones. In addition, the SUPERFAST 3x-5x classes (5 lessons / week) and FLASH 5x-8x (6 lessons / week) also have many other incentives. For more details, Contact WS.

2. Besides tuition, are there other incurred costs?

ABSOLUTELY NOT. WS does NOT collect anything other than tuition. WS even GIVES FREE audios in books (worth VND 30,000 – VND 50,000 / book).

Particularly for those who follow the SUPERFAST 3x-5x and FLASH 5x-8x classes, they also GET many FREE online English courses on Advanedu.com (each course is worth from VND 100,000 – more than VND 500,000).

3. If children miss school, can they take supplemental lessons after that?

ABSOLUTELY YES. The number of lessons your child misses fully compensated. The condition for supplemental lessons is that when a child misses school, parents need to inform WS in advance.

For children attending the Regular (3 lessons / week) or Fast 2x (4 lessons / week) classes, parents should let them take on supplemental lessons right in the course. If the child can not do that before the end of the course, those supplemental lessons considered lost.

Particularly for children following the SUPERFAST 3x-5x (5 lessons / week) or FLASH 5x-8x (6 lessons / week) classes, they can take on the supplemental lessons at any time without any restriction.

4. Can parents meet teachers and discuss their children's education?

Absolutely Yes. Parents can contact WS to arrange an appointment to meet the teacher to discuss the learning situation of the students.

Furthermore, every 2 weeks before the end of a course, WS will actively contact and arrange an appointment between parents and teachers so that you can directly exchange students’ learning progress.

WS always wants to create a connection between the school and parents to help students progress and develop best.

5. Does WS have any discount programs?

WS has a lot of discount programs. For example, DISCOUNT VND 200,000 – VND 500,000 when paying tuition in the form of 2 courses (20 weeks). Especially, DISCOUNT 10% when paying 1 year (50 weeks), and tuition kept fixed.

In addition, when you introduce a new student to WS, you will receive a discount card worth VND 250,000 for the next course. And for newly introduced students, they will also receive a discount card worth 150,000 VND when paying for their second course. For more details, Contact WS.

Enrollment Application

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