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Frequently Asked Questions

What learning speed should be chosen? Regular, Fast 2x, SUPERFAST 3x-5x, or FLASH 5x-8x?

Given the right economic conditions and time, WS sincerely recommends that parents / students register as many lessons per week as possible. The reason is that high-speed learning saves time and money in the long run.

For example, when a parent chooses to give the child a SUPERFAST 3x-5x (5 lessons / week) or a FLASH 5x-8x (6 lessons / week) course, he or she may only need 1-1.5 years to pass all 3 levels of Pre A1 STARTERS, A1 MOVERS, and A2 FLYERS. Meanwhile, children in the Regular class (3 lessons / week) need a minimum of 5 years to do so.

So, the SUPERFAST 3x-5x and FLASH 5x-8x classes help parents / students save years of study time, transportation, fuel costs, inflation, etc. Not to mention, when students progress quickly, they are more eager to learn and so will improve even faster. If students study too little and feel their progress is too slow, sometimes they are more likely to be depressed and give up.

We encourage parents / students to consider carefully before making decisions. Learning is never redundant. Investing in education is always the wisest and least risky investment. There is only risk when you invest in the wrong, poor quality centers. Come to WS to turn risk into 0, and enjoy success today!

Can my child learn English if he/she is very lazy and often distracted in class?

In the digital age, it is quite common for children to be distracted and lazy to learn. Many centers even attract children to apply by providing electronic game devices such as iPads, tablets, smartphones, etc. Of course, kids love those devices very much. But in the long run, it is very harmful to the kid’s brain.

At WS, we focus on guiding children to learn while having fun at the same time. The curriculum at WS is professionally designed to help children learn, understand, and remember lessons right in the classroom. So all children need to do is to go to WS regularly, and on time, they will certainly make progress. It is even better if a child is hard-working and studies at home. He or she will progress much faster. And for those who never learn at home, or don’t even touch their school bag after school, they can still make steady progress because the curriculum at WS helps children remember lessons right in class.

Of course, if compared to the industrious, hard-working, and self-study children, the progress rate of lazy children will be slower. To overcome this situation, parents / students can choose high-speed courses such as SUPERFAST 3x-5x (5 lessons / week) or FLASH 5x-8x (6 lessons / week). When participating in these high-speed classes, even children who are lazy to study at home will still make rapid progress.

Can children who cannot read and write learn English?

ABSOLUTELY YES. For children who are not yet able to read and write, WS has a special program for them. Children will learn English through pictures, songs, drawing, coloring, spelling, collage, etc. In addition, teachers at WS are well-trained, professional. We will guide your child to write words one by one until he or she can write English. So please be assured!

Does WS guarantee students will pass all exams?

In fact, no school can guarantee a 100% passing test unless the school knows the test in advance and only prepares students correctly.

As for WS, we always try our best to teach children well and ensure they possess real qualifications. When the child is really good, passing an exam is certain. That is the motto of education at WS.

Fortunately, up to now, the rate of children passing the Pre A1 STARTERS, A1 MOVERS, A2 FLYERS, A2 KEY (KET) certificates at WS is 100%. Many have achieved an absolute score of 15/15 for the Pre A1 STARTERS, A1 MOVERS, A2 FLYERS, and 140/140 for the A2 KEY (KET) exam.

My child is studying at secondary school, but he has no basic English knowledge, so where should he start learning and what is the pace of learning?

To be able to determine the exact level of the kid, please take your child to WS ENGLISH for an entry-level check. Your child will then be given the most appropriate class.

For children who are at secondary schools and show signs of losing basic English, parents should choose the SUPERFAST 3x-5x (5 lessons / week) or FLASH 5x-8x (6 lessons / week) classes for them. Accordingly, WS will be able to quickly help children regain their English foundation and catch up with school levels. If the child learns too little and does not keep up with the pace at school, it will lead to the situation that parents are afraid that their children will fail, and so search for supplementary courses of Grammar test for the kid. It just takes time, money, effort, but the result is not much.

Give your children a solid foundation of English right here at WS, so that you never have to worry about finding grammar classes again. When children have studied well at WS, it is natural for them to pass exams with high scores in school.

I want to learn more English to serve my work, what program and pace of study should I choose?

Normally for business purposes, students can take English Communication courses to improve their Listening & Speaking skills. In addition, many international companies and corporations require TOEIC or IELTS certificates, so students can choose to combine both English Communication class with TOEIC preparation class or IELTS preparation class.

WS encourages students to choose the SUPERFAST 3x-5x (5 lessons / week) or FLASH 5x-8x (6 lessons / week) class to make rapid progress. The better you become in English, the higher your chances of advancement and the higher your salary. The sooner you invest in learning English, the sooner you will succeed. It is kind of regrettable to miss a promotion opportunity because not knowing English or English is too poor.

In addition, you can also refer to the latest English Online courses on There are many fantastic English courses such as English Communication – Pre-intermediate level, Master TOEIC Listening Test, Master IELTS Speaking. The advantages of these courses are high quality, study anytime, anywhere, and reasonable cost. PLEASE ENROLL NOW.

Are TOEIC and IELTS required? When?

Depending on the requirements of the school and work, students can decide whether or not to take the TOEIC and IELTS certificates.

If you intend to study abroad or settle in English-speaking countries, you need to have IELTS 6.0 at least.

Many multinational corporations require candidates to have a TOEIC certificate of at least 600-700 or an IELTS score of at least 5.5-6.0.

In addition, many universities in Vietnam require students to have a TOEIC of at least 500-600 or an IELTS of at least 5.0-5.5 to graduate. In addition, if you achieve the above score before going to university in Vietnam or when you are a first-year student, you may be considered for exemption from studying some English subjects in the school.

It should be noted that the TOEIC and IELTS certificates are only valid for 2 years. Therefore, you should consider when it is appropriate to take the exam because the amount of money you have to spend to take the exam is not cheap. For example, if you decide to study abroad next year, it is best to take the IELTS exam about 6 months earlier.

Does WS offer any trial classes?

Coming to WS ENGLISH, trial learning is absolutely NOT necessary because we believe in the quality of our teaching. If you cannot be satisfied with the training quality of WS, then we are confident that no other place can satisfy you.

Moreover, learning is not like eating at a restaurant. Regarding food, you know it is good or bad just by tasting. However, to see the results of a training program, you need to give yourself at least 1 course (10 weeks) to experience.

Due to the above reasons, WS does not currently offer trial classes because it is deemed unnecessary.

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